[qd-4268] K▼L▲M†††B▲R▲NG – Albularyo Prime

(qd-4268) Kulam+++Barang - Albularyo Prime

[qd-4268] K▼L▲M†††B▲R▲NG – Albularyo Prime

What do you call the deep, dark, dubby downtempo music that scares away mainstream fans by its apparent inaccessibility (it’s difficult to search for song titles written in ascii characters, for one thing) and its occultish overtones? Well, some quarters call this music witch house, crypt hop, or even dub. We call it the soundtrack music for the insane clowns in your mind.

K▼L▲M†††B▲R▲NG (aka Kulam+++Barang) is a one-man witch house producer who finds inspiration in slowed down vocal samples, hip hop beats, and stories of Philippine faith healers who heal the sick and the gullible, profiting from their naivete. Albularyo Prime is a collection of his early tracks, a primer if you will, of the K▼L▲M†††B▲R▲NG rebellion against all that is crass and all that is mainstream. This is his faith healing of the Philippine music industry, a homily wrapped up in an audio barb.



Audio Files VBR MP3 Ogg Vorbis
qd-4268_ –01_Nega_Jesus

 7.7 MB 

1.9 MB 
qd-4268_ –02_Talalora_Tel Aviv_1-_Hinugot_Sa_Dilim

 14.1 MB 

3.6 MB 
qd-4268_ –03_¢’²À ´

 2.8 MB 

2.2 MB 
qd-4268_ –04_-à ²±À±À±´

 4.4 MB 

4.0 MB 
qd-4268_ –05_✝▲©Φβψ❙Ω▼✝

 2.4 MB 

2.1 MB 
Image Files JPEG JPEG Thumb
qd-4268_ –Albularyo_Prime 231.1 KB  4.7 KB 

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