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In April of 2004, Clone performed and recorded a live instrumental set at the opening of a restaurant in Manila named Brazil Brazil. The Clone nucleus of Lionel Valdellon (Acid42) and Karlo Samson (One Lone Clone) put together a semi-impromptu, improvised, not fully planned set of bossa nova beats, cool grooves, downtempo vibes, and chillout melodies.

Clone performed a little under three hours of live music, mostly built up from raw loops, track by track. The best hour and 15 minutes of that gig are preserved for posterity in this live set which is part acid jazz, part sampladelica, and all Clone.

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qd-4260 Silverfilter - Tribes, EFX and 307

Silverfilter (Cyril Sorongon) used to gig around the Philippines using a formidable array of hardware synthesizers and samplers, including Korg ElectribesPioneer EFX DJ effects unit, and a Roland MC-307 groovebox.

Before he saw the light and switched over to a laptop / software and MIDI controller setup, he recorded for posterity this full-on live dance set which features the techno, breaks, and hard-hitting house styles he’s come to be known for. Over more than 2 hours, Silverfilter treats us to his energetic spirit where he bleeds electronic dance into our ears via his hardware. Bring on the house!

[audio|titles=Silverfilter-Tribes EFX and 307|width=550|animation=no|loader=0x3dcbff]

One mp3 encoded at 256 kbps, 48 kHz stereo.
Total running time: 1:51:18


  • ZIP FILE: Download entire release as asingle VBR Zip file from
  • MP3 FILE:  qd-4260_silverfilter – tribes efx and 307 (Live Hardware Set) : 277.1 MB
  • ALBUM COVER (jpeg file):  264.1 KB
(qd-4239) Wolfmann -Live at Paradiso

(qd-4239) Wolfmann -Live at Paradiso

QD-4239] : Wolfmann : Live At Paradiso

Unearthed from hidden files comes this track, a seamless 42-minute live set by Wolfmann [Wilfrid Hernandez] as a solo electronica artist, recorded at a March 19, 2003 gig in Paradiso Bar, Quezon City, Philippines. Hard-hitting breaks by a producer wielding analog Korg Electribes and an SP-202 sampler, with enough verve to out-chemical the Chemical Brothers and smash some pumpkins.

FILE UNDER: techno, electronica, big beats, funky breaks
DETAILS: One MP3, encoded at: 128 kbps. 44.1kHz stereo | Total Running Time: 42:37 | Released: March 3, 2007
DOWNLOAD: The MP3 (direct link) from – 40.9 MB

(qd-4226) Clone - Live at Crateri

(qd-4226) Clone - Live at Crateri

[QD-4226] : CLONE : Live At Crateri (album)

Recorded at the now-defunct Crateri Caffe Lounge in Quezon City in May of 2004, LIVE AT CRATERI is a 45-minute live set of CLONE’s unique brand of jazzy originals and demented instrumentals, going from soulful vocal house songs care of vocalist Ria Mariano, to abstract electro jams to latin house fever with percussionist Andre Quimpo. Be prepared to encounter beats to dance to, and grooves to chill with.

Lionel Valdellon: laptop running Reason, Oxygen8.
Karlo Samson:Korg Electribes, Yamaha QY30, Boss SP202.
Andre Quimpo: congas, clave, triangle, tamborine.
Ria Mariano: vocals.

FILE UNDER: chill house, nu-jazz, dance, downtempo, lighter than the Brand New Heavies, more tropical than Miguel Migs
DETAILS: 11 seamless MP3s. 192 kbps. 44.1khz stereo.
DOWNLOAD: Get entire album as zip file (63.2 MB) – via | Individual tracks after the jump


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(qd-4202) Clone: Answer the Plunderphone

(qd-4202) Clone: Answer the Plunderphone

[QD-4202] : CLONE : Answer The Plunderphone (EP)

A 5-track EP. Four new studio tracks, all of them digital hardcore instrumentals at 160bpm, and a 24-minute fifth track which is a live in-studio jam of some of the EP’s songs. This is the EP Clone wanted to entitle “Serial Killer Lullabies in 160 BPM.” This is electronic music though some may call it weird, mutant dancemusic for deviants.

Clone personnel on this album:
Lionel Valdellon: keyboards, programming
Karlo Samson: noise, FX, samplers, grooveboxes

FILE UNDER: breakbeats, drum&bass, industrial, digital hardcore
DETAILS: 5 MP3s encoded in 128 kbps stereo
DOWNLOAD:get the EP as ZIP FILE (115 MB) | Individual tracks after the jump


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