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Q E D   N E T   L A B E L


Gaz E-Zine Interviews QED Records Netlabel. September 2004.

Reprinted from Gaz E-Zine.

Recently, in the United States, a grand crackdown on illegal filesharing via peer-to-peer networks has brought numerous individual MP3 downloaders like you and me to the courts. It’s a scheme that the big record labels have initiated in order to discourage copyright infringement of the hit songs on their label. The songs they spent so much money promoting and advertising.

Well, if this raises your hackles as much as it does mine, then maybe the alternative to those copyright shenanigans is music that is released into the public domain free of charge, with a limited license. Maybe the answer lies in what netlabels are doing in the face of the watered down commercial music offered by major labels: giving away quality music for free.

One such netlabel recently sprouted in my homeland, touting to offer the finest electronic music from the Philippines for free download. The name of the netlabel is QED Records and it is run by electronic musician and arranger, Lionel Valdellon, a.k.a. Acid42, a.k.a. the founder of Philippine electronic group CLONE.

We recently caught up with Valdellon via email and chat, and picked his mind for Gaz Webzine.

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