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With QED Records celebrating its sixth year of existence (Has it really been 6 years already?), it’s high time to thank you all for downloading and enjoying QED’s music over the years. I also want to invite you to connect with QED on our brand new Facebook fan page.

This QED Records Facebook Page is our official page. The other QED Records group page which you might already be a member of, has been closed, is now hidden, and will be going away soon. Join the new one! Here’s one good reason why…

Exclusive Album Via QED’s Facebook Page

As part of the celebration, I will be releasing a unique set of tracks on Monday, August 16, 2010 at noon (Pacific Standard Time) only to those who are members of the QED Page. It will be a unique album which won’t be released anywhere else on the web, and it will only be available to fans of the new QED Records FB page!

What’s the release, you ask? Well, it’s a thank you to all the fans on FB and is made up of unique live material from a regular QED Records artist.
So, shall I see you on Facebook? I sure hope so!


2010 marks another landmark in the QED Records story. We recently set out on a journey which we may never return from– the journey to create moving images from the QED Records catalog.

Presenting QED Records’ YouTube channel. The channel is open and ready for you with its first music video: “Midnight Monologue” by Acid42 from the LOGUE E.P. of 2007 [QD-4243]. You can download the EP from the Logue release page.

Please subscribe to the channel and add QED Records as your friend, because we truly are friends.

photo of fireworks in night sky

Happy New Year World 2010. Photo by Lel4nd

First of all, Happy New Year!

Second, we’ve made a change in webhost over the Christmas break. The QED  Records netlabel can now be found at  Change your bookmarks, kiddies. It’s on a subdomain on my main website. Still not under its own domain name, but maybe someday that will change.

Third, we’ve got a cornucopia of releases slated in the next few months. Expect 2 major releases from the Electronica Manila collective. Plus a release from acid jazz /house act: Nyko Maca + Playground. Plus new releases from all the usual suspects.

Fourth, we’re not selfish and we’re not hogging the spotlight. We’re actually happy there are now more netlabels featuring music by Philippine musicians.  Take a look at Deeper Manila, KamiasRoad, Sibika’t Kultura Records. If you know of any more, send them our way. We love to listen.

Fifth, we hope to get back to regular uploads after numerous breaks in ’09. Here’s to a more consistent year!

Switchboard Of Souls (SOS) is primarily led by Christopher Quintos, a Fresno, California-based musician who puts together darkwave and industrial tracks that smell like they come from a parallel universe in 1986. His music is modern and synth-driven, but the musical structures, melodies and sometimes even lyrics are throwbacks to a past age.

SOS is one of the QED artists we’ve never met in person, but who has contributed a massive amount of music to the archive: as of September 2009 he has 5 releases in the QED Records  catalog. We caught up with him via email soon after the release of his 10-track album “Don’t Bother Me – Remixes” [qd-4257] to ask about his music and his process.

Full interview after the jump.

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Email interview with Emorej. September 6, 2008.

In his secret identity, Emorej wears business attire and goes to an office from 9 to 5, for a company that sells scales and panels for construction. When the day is over however, he retreats to his den and fires up the software that has turned this mild-mannered businessman into an aggressive, one-person, tune-making and marketing machine.  He started making music in 2001 using a program called ACID PRO and entering remix contests on the AcidPlanet community of Acid Pro users. Today, he still cannot play any instrument in the traditional sense, opting instead to craft songs using samples, virtual instruments, and his computer. This is one artist who refuses to play live. Just because it’s not his cup of tea.

The full interview after the jump.

image of Creative Prodikeys

Emorej is too shy for the camera.
Instead of his photo, here is his keyboard, the Creative Prodikeys.

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Email interview with Demolee. September 10, 2008.

Where do you find the next generation of downtempo music producers in the Philippines? In I.T. companies apparently. One of them just happens to be Franco Madrid, also known as Demolee, a product specialist who sweats and breathes chillout music.  Though he won’t tell us what product he masters, we do know that in his free time, he’s mastering tracks for his solo project Demolee and his live group Flavours and Caffeine (FNC). The best part is, even before he learned how to make electronic music, he was already downloading from QED Records. Which is a nice way of showing that web 2.0 is making producers out of all consumers — though not all of us are as talented as this guy.

Demolee at the keyboard

Demolee playing live at the FFashion Art Gallery opening. Photo by JC.

Read the entire interview after the jump.

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Email interview with Silverfilter . September 4, 2008.

Cyril Sorongon creates music for a living. When he isn’t finishing a musical score for an advertising jingle, he’s rushing off to play at a live gig somewhere in the city as Silverfilter, or as member of one of many bands. When he’s free, he’s online, moderating the Electronica Manila (EM) mailing list which sprouted sometime around 2001 in answer to a direct need for fellow electronic music lovers in the Philippines (and around the world) to figure out how to turn a love for this music into an active creation of this music.

Full interview after the jump.

Silverfilter aka Cyril Sorongon.

Silverfilter in action at a live gig. Photo by Edgar.

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