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QD-4271 Evo Evolver - Dystopian Dream
[qd-4271] Evo Evolver – Dystopian Dream

On his third EP release on QED Records, Evo Evolver (aka Araknidus aka Philippine dnb musician Myke Madriaga) dishes out melodic two-step and drum&bass replete with expansive atmospheres and cinematic elements. There’s even a hint of the wobbly aggressive bass made famous by dubstep artists of every age and stripe right alongside lush and melodic strings.

Evo Evolver creates smooth, cosmopolitan drum&bass music rife with tension. In his music you hear opposing poles struggling for control: grime and glamor, light and dark, rest and note, indie and mainstream, the decaying future and the thriving present.

Dystopian Dream is his musical examination of opposing polarities, which in the end makes it an engaging listen — worth every minute of its 23-minute running time.

Drum&bass, dnb, ambient, jungle, 2step, Roni Size’s distant cousin

Download the EP as a ZIP FILE (49.65 MB) on | on Mediafire
Individual track downloads after the jump.


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qd-4270 Charmant Juliette - Musique Pour L'ame

[qd-4270] Charmant Juliette  – Musique Pour L’ame

Musique Pour L’ame (Music for the Soul) is ten tracks and 45+ minutes of melodic and harmonious downtempo electronica. This is pleasant music that flows from track to track, often within the same BPM range, recalling golden days of the past while inspiring dark visions of the future.

What Russia-based musician and producer Charmant Juliette (Charming Juliette, in English) has done in this release is build musical structures far removed from the industrial glitch and dark noise of her alter-ego Julia Van Der Piller, instead opting for subtle moods, for fragile threads of melody built from repeating motifs. But her penchant for heavier music looms through each track, providing a contrast to the bright hues.

If you keep listening, you will find yourself cocooned in a massive web of synth grooves and looped rhythms. This is Charmant Juliette’s vision of electronic downtempo, ambient, and broken beat: it is nothing but a subtle snare for your heart that draws you in with tender melody and traps you in jaws of sinister ambience.

FILE UNDER: downtempo, ambient, electropop, synth groove, breakcore without the brutality.

Get the whole album as a zip file (90.1 MB) from | from Mediafire
Individual Download Links after the jump.


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[qd-4266] LastEDEN – Miracle

Direct from Moscow, Russia comes this downtempo EP entitled Miracle. LastEDEN (aka Kirill Zverev) composes tranquil chillout music rife with melody. The music is made up of classical harmonies, lush synth washes and subtle beats and its end result is a direct transfusion of calm and relaxation into your cerebral cortex. The LastEDEN project is his solution to world peace: listen to music that soothes your soul.

FILE UNDER: downtempo, chillout, ambient. Sounds like: Cafe del Mar, Jose Padilla, anything with the word “Ibiza” in it, Demolee, Acid42.


  1. LastEDEN – Miracle (11.5 MB VBR MP3)
  2. LastEDEN – Sunrise (Longmix) (18.7 MB VBR MP3)
  3. LastEDEN – Distance (8.4 MB VBR MP3)

More about the artist: LastEDEN artist page on QED Records.

Demolee - Stars Falling (qd-4264)

(qd-4264) Demolee - Stars Falling

[qd-4264] Demolee – Stars Falling

Downtempo never sounded so smooth. What Manila-based producer Demolee does in his first full-length album, Stars Falling, is to  create pretty fairy tales of melody and unhurried beats. The resulting 10-track album is chock full of jazzy relaxation that transcends country borders. Think Cafe del Manila instead of Cafe del Mar. Think of lazy breezes, meandering road trips, and star gazing on hot summer nights and you get the point.  Demolee (aka Franco Madrid) once again proves that electronic music software doesn’t always have to churn out banging beats.

FILE UNDER: downtempo, ambient
DETAILS: 10 mp3s encoded at VBR (approx 320 kbps), 44.1 kHz stereo | Remix on track 10 produced by Cyril Sorongon (Silverfilter) | Album Art courtesy of Troll Del Castillo aka Bleedingboy|Soundtrack (
DOWNLOAD: Download the entire album in a single zip file. ( | Individual tracks after the jump


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(qd-4263) Single Eye Perspective - Dear My Friends

(qd-4263) Single Eye Perspective - Dear My Friends

Amazing how chance leads to creativity. Single Eye Perspective hooked up his guitar to his laptop running VSTIs and started recording everything using his desktop computer. The long, flowing recordings were then edited into this 4-track EP which is at times charming, and at times folksy, but always emotive even microtonal. The melodies never leave you. The textures never rub off. And maybe that is the genius of Dear My Friends.

Download the entire EP as a single VBR ZIP file. (


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qd-4262 Ambient Sky- Sky Full of Silent Stars -album cover

Artist: Ambient Sky | Album: Sky Full of Silent Stars (2009) Release ID: (qd-4262) | Genre: downtempo, ambient, chillout

Full of soothing melodies and lush beats, Sky Full of Silent Stars is a summer downtempo album that invigorates as it relaxes. Ambient Sky (Gerard Pontino) is able to distill all the best elements of his hometown of Bacolod into eleven tracks that celebrate laidback relaxation, smooth waves, and soothing textures. The result is an almost one-hour long tropical vacation in your headphones.



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arthaus* -Going Places (qd-4254) cover

arthaus* -Going Places (qd-4254) cover

Artist: arthaus* | Release: Going Places | (qd-4254)

Sometimes all that’s needed to get to places you’ve never seen is a sountrack consisting of abstract melodic ambient music by the likes of an artist such as arthaus* (aka Tomi Uysingco). Going Places is a 3-song EP of somber ambient that uses patterns to draw you into robotic lands of mystery and angst.

File under: ambient, abstract, motifs, downtempo

DETAILS: 3 MP3s encoded at 128kbps 44.1 kHz stereo. | Total Running Time: 10:49

DOWNLOAD: Download the EP in one zip file  VBR ZIP (10 MB) – from


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