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(qd-4224) Cardinal Zen - Floppy Pillows

(qd-4224) Cardinal Zen - Floppy Pillows

[QD-4224] CARDINAL ZEN : Floppy Pillows (EP)

Producer JV Munoz returns under a different guise as Cardinal Zen (Munoz released an earlier EP on QED under the name Makkina). And this Floppy Pillows EP takes his penchant for knitting together relaxing downtempo tunes, and turns it into a mantra: “Chill out, now. Stress out tomorrow.” These are minimalist tunes, which are rarely not much more than a droning bass, a pad and some rhythmic loops… and yet, it all works.

FILE UNDER: downtempo, ambient, more chill than the Big Chill, more tropically downtempo than Cafe del Mar
DETAILS: 3 mp3s. 192 kbps. stereo. 44.1 khz | Released: May 2, 2005
DOWNLOAD: Get whole album zip file (17.5 MB) | Individual tracks after the jump

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