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Presenting our first public mixtape for your listening pleasure, ELECTRO HOUSE SEP 2010 — a compilation of nine electro house mp3 tracks by: Silverfilter, Neon8, Emorej, Clone feat. Ria Mariano, e-Trinity feat. Sheerin Castillo, Spazzkid and Acid42. Here you can listen to dancefloor gems, download house music that’s sweet as candy, and enjoy four-on-the-floor tracks to appeal to any clubber’s taste.

If this is your first time to visit QED Records, you may be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of releases available. (We’ve been around for 6 years, after all.) We thought it might be nice to offer you an easy way to browse our material by genre, and in this case download house music.

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qd-4260 Silverfilter - Tribes, EFX and 307

Silverfilter (Cyril Sorongon) used to gig around the Philippines using a formidable array of hardware synthesizers and samplers, including Korg ElectribesPioneer EFX DJ effects unit, and a Roland MC-307 groovebox.

Before he saw the light and switched over to a laptop / software and MIDI controller setup, he recorded for posterity this full-on live dance set which features the techno, breaks, and hard-hitting house styles he’s come to be known for. Over more than 2 hours, Silverfilter treats us to his energetic spirit where he bleeds electronic dance into our ears via his hardware. Bring on the house!

[audio|titles=Silverfilter-Tribes EFX and 307|width=550|animation=no|loader=0x3dcbff]

One mp3 encoded at 256 kbps, 48 kHz stereo.
Total running time: 1:51:18


  • ZIP FILE: Download entire release as asingle VBR Zip file from
  • MP3 FILE:  qd-4260_silverfilter – tribes efx and 307 (Live Hardware Set) : 277.1 MB
  • ALBUM COVER (jpeg file):  264.1 KB

[qd-4258] Nyko Maca + Playground: Dancing in My Head

Dancing in My Head is a 4-track sampler from Nyko Maca + Playground’s self-titled debut album under Infectious Records. Nyko Maca + Playground is a Manila-based band combining electronica, acid jazz, and house music with Brazilian rhythms, jazz vocals and acoustic instrumentation. The result is a stellar combination of old-school jazz crooning with modern dancefloor beats.

FILE UNDER: house, acidjazz, chillout, electronica, nujazz
DETAILS:4 mp3s encoded at 320 kbps 44.1 kHz stereo. | Total runtime: 19:28
DOWNLOAD:  Get the  EP as a zip file of VBR MP3s (45 MB) from | Individual tracks after the jump


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Various Artists - Travel Agents: Bagetsafonik Travelogue Detours

(qd-4253) Various Artists - Travel Agents: Bagetsafonik Travelogue Detours

In 2007, an independent Philippine band named Bagetsafonik put together an album called Travelogue which fused indiepop with electronica. One year later, they got fellow artists and producers to reinterpret those tracks. Travel Agents: Bagetsafonik Travelogue Detours is a 12-track album containing reinterpretations of each of the tracks on their debut album in various styles.

Artists/Producers: Caliph8, MoodJunkie, PaoChec, FluxusSyndrom, DJ Ponga, Names Are For Tombstones, Squid9, Spazzkid, Waking Up The Sunrise, Eggboy feat. Analog MC, Rlyn & Big Daddy J-Dibbs, N:ua, M.A.    Mastering: Allan Confiado

DETAILS: 12 MP3s encoded at 192 kbps, 44.1 kHz stereo.

DOWNLOAD: Download all files in a VBR zip (71 MB).

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Silverfilter - Around You remixes

(qd-4252) Silverfilter - Around You remixes

[qd-4252] Silverfilter – Around You (Remixes)

“Around You (Remixes)” is six banging electronic remixes plus the original track by Philippine electronic music producer Silverfilter. Remix artists coming from the roster of the ElectronicaManila collective, include: Spintech, Destro, Chec, and Funk Avy. A tasty buffet of differing perspectives from the same source material. Mabuhay ang remix!

DETAILS: Seven MP3s encoded in 256 kbps VBR 44.1 khz stereo. | Running Time: 38:06

DOWNLOAD: Entire EP as a single zip file (73 MB) VBR ZIP – from


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(qd-4249) Various Artists: Basics - The ElectronicaManila General MIDI Project

(qd-4249) Various Artists: Basics - The ElectronicaManila General MIDI Project

ElectronicaManila is a collective of active musicians and producers of Philippine descent, who were brought together by a mailing list of the same name in 2001, and have since gone on to produce shows, albums, projects and this compilation.

BASICS is a project that spawned from the idea: come up with one song using only the general MIDI set of instruments, and pool together the results for a compilation. What you have here is a collection of idiosyncratic grooves ranging from techno to ambient that capture the distinct flavor of ElectronicaManila.

DETAILS: Eight MP3s at 256-320 kbps.44.1kHz stereo. |Total Running Time: 32:53| Released: April 20, 2008.

DOWNLOAD: Entire album as a zip file (71.6 MB).
Individual tracks after the jump.


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[QD-4236] : ACID42 : Behold The Teacher (EP)

Lionel Valdellon [Acid42] returns with six jump-up-and-attack dance tunes ranging from glitch-house to trance to good ol’ techno, and inspired by teaching college students about sound editing and sound design. This one’s for the classroom of life. And dance. And education in the key of life.

Album cover design by Paolo Lazatin. Contact him at paololazatin[at]

FILE UNDER: techno, house, electro, dance, electronica
DETAILS: 6 MP3s, encoded at: 192 kbps. 44.1kHz stereo | Released: Sep 22, 2006.
DOWNLOADDownload all files as a ZIP FILE (31.1 MB) – from | Individual tracks below


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