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(qd-4245) Acid42 - Nykto - Original Soundtrack

(qd-4245) Acid42 - Nykto - Original Soundtrack

[QD-4245] Acid42 : Nykto: Original Soundtrack

Nykto by Acid42, is a series of tunes which comprise the original soundtrack to the 12-minute independent short video of the same title, directed by Elvert dela Cruz Bañares, which in turn, was loosely based on a poem entitled “Darkness” by Arris Rivera. The music is a mix of ethnic and electronic, world and urban, dark and light melodies, silence and rhythm, meandering into hope and fulfillment, as eventually all darkness must pass.

The music was created by Acid42 (Lionel Valdellon) without having seen or known anything about the film except for a brief conceptual phrase: darkness to light. The album also includes remixes by Bleedingboy|Soundtrack and Emorej, two more Philippine electronica producers and regular QED Records contributors.

FILE UNDER: worldbeat, soundtrack, electronica, ethnotronica, less morose than Morricone, world-y like Peter Gabriel, more alive than Dead Can Dance.
DETAILS: 7 mp3s, encoded at CBR and VBR (192 kbps quality), 44.1 khz stereo. | Released: July 5, 2007.
DOWNLOAD: Entire EP as a ZIP FILE (24.3 MB)– from
Individual tracks after the jump.


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[QD-4235] : ACID42 : Madlangkanta (EP)

Five tunes by Acid42 [Lionel Valdellon] which combine ethnic instrument samples and tribal folksong from the Philippines, with modern beats and electronic arrangements. Think ethnic electronica, or ethnotronica. “Madlangkanta” literally means “song of the masses” in Filipino, referring to the folksong origin of some of the melodies and song structures used in this album.
Album design by Paolo Lazatin. Contact him at paololazatin[at]

FILE UNDER: ethnotronica, world, worldbeat, electro, ethnic, modern ethnic, folktronica
DETAILS: 5 MP3s, encoded at: 192 kbps. 44.1kHz stereo | Released: Sep 26, 2006
DOWNLOAD: Get the entire EP as a ZIP FILE (23.9 MB) – | Individual tracks after the jump

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(qd-4209) Acid42 - Downtampuhan

(qd-4209) Acid42 - Downtampuhan

[QD-4209] : ACID42 : Downtampuhan (EP)

Acid42 (aka Lionel Valdellon) offers his latest downtempo EP which combines chill house, acid jazz, ambient and a little world/ethnic flavor in Downtampuhan, a 5 track output which carries a lot of jazzy electric piano and groovy electronic rhythms. In this EP, Acid42 shares the soundtracks he has created to deal with loss and longing.

FILE UNDER: “cruder than” Dorfmeister, more chocolatey than Tosca, more depressed than Fila Brazilia, downtempo, chillout, lounge, worldbeat, ethnotronica, world
DETAILS: 5 MP3s, encoded at: 192 kbps. 44.1kHz stereo | Released: October 10, 2004
DOWNLOAD: Get the EP as a ZIP FILE (40.67 MB) – via Mediafire

Individual tracks and the complete liner notes after the jump.

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