QED Records showcases music by Philippine musicians, but is open to musical contributions from anywhere in the globe.

If you produce any kind of electronic music –especially downtempo, electronica or electropop–  then send it in.

Submission process:

  • Mp3s should be encoded at Variable Bit Rate, minimum of 192kbps-quality.
  • Place the mp3s in a zip file with your short artist bio (.TXT file), an artist photo (JPEG) and an album cover (medium to hi-res JPEG or PDF).
  • Upload your tracks to www.mediafire.com. Copy the download link it provides.
  • Email me the download link at qedrecords(at)gmail.com.
  • We will listen to your tracks and if we like them, they go up.


All the music on QED Records is usually released under this Creative Commons license, which allows users to share freely as long as the original artist is attributed, and no money is made off the work. Remixing is permissible as long as attribution is done.

You retain all your rights as an artist, meaning you can still make physical CDs if you want, or send it out to other websites if you want. There is no money involved, since this is done for the love of independent electronic music. All we ask is that you help spread the news on messageboards and forums and websites that QED RECORDS exists. Link to it, spread the love.


We can’t promise to answer every email and submission that we get. But we DO promise to listen to everything submitted. If we don’t respond right away, it may be because of tight schedules. Our apologies in advance.

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