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ElectronicaManila:One is one in a series of releases by the Philippine collective of electronic musicians known as ElectronicaManila. The materials in this compilation have been contributed by the members of EM and showcase everything from house and techno, to DNB, breakbeat, downtempo, and broken beat. 25 tracks of blissful headphone candy and dancefloor tunes.

Originally released under AstigRecords, this compilation is being re-released under QED Records in preparation for future EM releases. Enjoy the electronic sounds of the Philippines!

Download album as a VBR ZIP file (189 MB) from
Individual tracks after the jump.


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(qd-4233) Brian Cua - Brain

(qd-4233) Brian Cua - Brain

[QD-4233] : BRIAN CUA : Brain (EP)

Producer, arranger and DJ,  Brian Cua puts together an 11-minute journey through the cosmos of the brain using samples of cellphone ring tones, modem noise, and whalesong. This is intelligent electronica that speaks of moving horizons, expansive mysteries, and calm, introspective reflections.

Cover Design by Disenyo Media Solutions.

FILE UNDER: experimental, IDM, downtempo, house
DETAILS: 4 MP3s, encoded at: 192 kbps. 44.1kHz stereo | Released: October 12, 2006
DOWNLOAD: get the entire EP as a ZIP FILE (14.2 MB)– from | Individual tracks after the jump

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