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Demolee - Stars Falling (qd-4264)

(qd-4264) Demolee - Stars Falling

[qd-4264] Demolee – Stars Falling

Downtempo never sounded so smooth. What Manila-based producer Demolee does in his first full-length album, Stars Falling, is to  create pretty fairy tales of melody and unhurried beats. The resulting 10-track album is chock full of jazzy relaxation that transcends country borders. Think Cafe del Manila instead of Cafe del Mar. Think of lazy breezes, meandering road trips, and star gazing on hot summer nights and you get the point.  Demolee (aka Franco Madrid) once again proves that electronic music software doesn’t always have to churn out banging beats.

FILE UNDER: downtempo, ambient
DETAILS: 10 mp3s encoded at VBR (approx 320 kbps), 44.1 kHz stereo | Remix on track 10 produced by Cyril Sorongon (Silverfilter) | Album Art courtesy of Troll Del Castillo aka Bleedingboy|Soundtrack (
DOWNLOAD: Download the entire album in a single zip file. ( | Individual tracks after the jump


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Presenting our first public mixtape for your listening pleasure, ELECTRO HOUSE SEP 2010 — a compilation of nine electro house mp3 tracks by: Silverfilter, Neon8, Emorej, Clone feat. Ria Mariano, e-Trinity feat. Sheerin Castillo, Spazzkid and Acid42. Here you can listen to dancefloor gems, download house music that’s sweet as candy, and enjoy four-on-the-floor tracks to appeal to any clubber’s taste.

If this is your first time to visit QED Records, you may be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of releases available. (We’ve been around for 6 years, after all.) We thought it might be nice to offer you an easy way to browse our material by genre, and in this case download house music.

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qd-4260 Silverfilter - Tribes, EFX and 307

Silverfilter (Cyril Sorongon) used to gig around the Philippines using a formidable array of hardware synthesizers and samplers, including Korg ElectribesPioneer EFX DJ effects unit, and a Roland MC-307 groovebox.

Before he saw the light and switched over to a laptop / software and MIDI controller setup, he recorded for posterity this full-on live dance set which features the techno, breaks, and hard-hitting house styles he’s come to be known for. Over more than 2 hours, Silverfilter treats us to his energetic spirit where he bleeds electronic dance into our ears via his hardware. Bring on the house!

[audio|titles=Silverfilter-Tribes EFX and 307|width=550|animation=no|loader=0x3dcbff]

One mp3 encoded at 256 kbps, 48 kHz stereo.
Total running time: 1:51:18


  • ZIP FILE: Download entire release as asingle VBR Zip file from
  • MP3 FILE:  qd-4260_silverfilter – tribes efx and 307 (Live Hardware Set) : 277.1 MB
  • ALBUM COVER (jpeg file):  264.1 KB

ElectronicaManila Logo

ElectronicaManila:One is one in a series of releases by the Philippine collective of electronic musicians known as ElectronicaManila. The materials in this compilation have been contributed by the members of EM and showcase everything from house and techno, to DNB, breakbeat, downtempo, and broken beat. 25 tracks of blissful headphone candy and dancefloor tunes.

Originally released under AstigRecords, this compilation is being re-released under QED Records in preparation for future EM releases. Enjoy the electronic sounds of the Philippines!

Download album as a VBR ZIP file (189 MB) from
Individual tracks after the jump.


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Silverfilter - Around You remixes

(qd-4252) Silverfilter - Around You remixes

[qd-4252] Silverfilter – Around You (Remixes)

“Around You (Remixes)” is six banging electronic remixes plus the original track by Philippine electronic music producer Silverfilter. Remix artists coming from the roster of the ElectronicaManila collective, include: Spintech, Destro, Chec, and Funk Avy. A tasty buffet of differing perspectives from the same source material. Mabuhay ang remix!

DETAILS: Seven MP3s encoded in 256 kbps VBR 44.1 khz stereo. | Running Time: 38:06

DOWNLOAD: Entire EP as a single zip file (73 MB) VBR ZIP – from


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Email interview with Silverfilter . September 4, 2008.

Cyril Sorongon creates music for a living. When he isn’t finishing a musical score for an advertising jingle, he’s rushing off to play at a live gig somewhere in the city as Silverfilter, or as member of one of many bands. When he’s free, he’s online, moderating the Electronica Manila (EM) mailing list which sprouted sometime around 2001 in answer to a direct need for fellow electronic music lovers in the Philippines (and around the world) to figure out how to turn a love for this music into an active creation of this music.

Full interview after the jump.

Silverfilter aka Cyril Sorongon.

Silverfilter in action at a live gig. Photo by Edgar.

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(qd-4249) Various Artists: Basics - The ElectronicaManila General MIDI Project

(qd-4249) Various Artists: Basics - The ElectronicaManila General MIDI Project

ElectronicaManila is a collective of active musicians and producers of Philippine descent, who were brought together by a mailing list of the same name in 2001, and have since gone on to produce shows, albums, projects and this compilation.

BASICS is a project that spawned from the idea: come up with one song using only the general MIDI set of instruments, and pool together the results for a compilation. What you have here is a collection of idiosyncratic grooves ranging from techno to ambient that capture the distinct flavor of ElectronicaManila.

DETAILS: Eight MP3s at 256-320 kbps.44.1kHz stereo. |Total Running Time: 32:53| Released: April 20, 2008.

DOWNLOAD: Entire album as a zip file (71.6 MB).
Individual tracks after the jump.


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