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In October of 2005, Japanese vocalist Yu:Mi and Filipino producer Acid42 released a unique collaboration of Japanese children’s songs set to electropop music. The result was an EP called “Kodomo” (which means “Child” in Nihongo) and was release number qd-4230.

This music video is the 2 minute song “Zui Zui Zukorobashi”– a bouncy, silly kids’ song about a rat that gets into trouble by eating the rice supplies. We set the synthpop song to an interesting opensource animation entitled “Life (in a Box)” by animator Tim Cuthbertson, and did really minimal edits. We feel the fun, but sort of sad visuals match the light and slightly sinister music perfectly. Here then is our second music video. Enjoy!

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(qd-4230) YuMi + Acid42 - Kodomo

(qd-4230) YuMi + Acid42 – Kodomo

[QD-4230] : YU:MI + ACID42 : Kodomo (EP)

Think of bouncing balls, building blocks, and nursery rhymes, and what you get is KODOMO (which in Japanese means “child”) — a collection of 4 traditional Japanese children’s songs, given a funky new synthpop and ethnotronica spin by Japanese-Filipino vocalist YU:MI Calderon and musician Acid42 (Lionel Valdellon). The bonus 5th song “Everybody Lies”, however, is a synthpop song tackling the darker side of relationships and is written by the collaborating duo.

FILE UNDER: world, ethnic, ethnotronica, electronica, synthpop, electropop, folktronica, Japanese folk songs, kiddiesynthpop, J-Folk, more playful than Rainbow Brite and He-Man.
DETAILS: 5 MP3s at 192 kbps, stereo
DOWNLOAD: Get the entire EP as a ZIP FILE (27.1 MB) – from


Full lyrics and english translation + individual file downloads after the jump.

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