[qd-4271] Evo Evolver – Dystopian Dream

QD-4271 Evo Evolver - Dystopian Dream
[qd-4271] Evo Evolver – Dystopian Dream

On his third EP release on QED Records, Evo Evolver (aka Araknidus aka Philippine dnb musician Myke Madriaga) dishes out melodic two-step and drum&bass replete with expansive atmospheres and cinematic elements. There’s even a hint of the wobbly aggressive bass made famous by dubstep artists of every age and stripe right alongside lush and melodic strings.

Evo Evolver creates smooth, cosmopolitan drum&bass music rife with tension. In his music you hear opposing poles struggling for control: grime and glamor, light and dark, rest and note, indie and mainstream, the decaying future and the thriving present.

Dystopian Dream is his musical examination of opposing polarities, which in the end makes it an engaging listen — worth every minute of its 23-minute running time.

Drum&bass, dnb, ambient, jungle, 2step, Roni Size’s distant cousin

Download the EP as a ZIP FILE (49.65 MB) on Archive.org | on Mediafire
Individual track downloads after the jump.


Evo Evolver / Araknidus


Audio Files VBR MP3 Ogg Vorbis
01. Illumina

 12.1 MB 

3.2 MB 
02. Closer

 15.0 MB 

4.2 MB 
03. Dystopian Dream

 14.9 MB 

4.2 MB 
04. Children of the Mist

 12.8 MB 

3.6 MB 
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qd-4271_cover01.jpg 297.9 KB  5.6 KB 
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