[qd-4267] Paosin the Well – Dead Memoirs

[qd-4267] Paosin the Well – Dead Memoirs

String sections, the main ingredient for every Hollowood movie soundtrack, are up front and in focus on this EP by Manila-based producer Paosin the Well. His effective use of string libraries and samples coupled with steady beats result in a brooding but groovy downtempo EP that is equal parts action flick, spy movie and zombie apocalypse film rolled into one.

In a way, this 5-track EP is a homage to film and pop culture, quite possibly with the message:”Pop culture is dead. Long live Pop Culture!” The Dead Memoirs of the title then take on a much deeper meaning: that art, often a chronicle of the past, lives on in the remix of the future.

FILE UNDER: #downtempo #postrock #soundtrack #electronic #orchestral
DETAILS: 5 MP3 files + JPEG. 192 kbps.
DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD ENTIRE ALBUM (34.2 MB VBR ZIP) | Individual tracks after the jump



Audio Files VBR MP3 Ogg Vorbis

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 8.2 MB 

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 5.5 MB 

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Information Format Size
qd-4267PaosinTheWell-DeadMemoirs_files.xml Metadata [file]
qd-4267PaosinTheWell-DeadMemoirs_meta.xml Metadata 1.2 KB
Other Files Book Cover
qd-4267_Paosin_the_Well–Dead_Memoirs_album_cover.jpg 24.0 KB 

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