Demolee - Stars Falling (qd-4264)

(qd-4264) Demolee - Stars Falling

[qd-4264] Demolee – Stars Falling

Downtempo never sounded so smooth. What Manila-based producer Demolee does in his first full-length album, Stars Falling, is to  create pretty fairy tales of melody and unhurried beats. The resulting 10-track album is chock full of jazzy relaxation that transcends country borders. Think Cafe del Manila instead of Cafe del Mar. Think of lazy breezes, meandering road trips, and star gazing on hot summer nights and you get the point.  Demolee (aka Franco Madrid) once again proves that electronic music software doesn’t always have to churn out banging beats.

FILE UNDER: downtempo, ambient
DETAILS: 10 mp3s encoded at VBR (approx 320 kbps), 44.1 kHz stereo | Remix on track 10 produced by Cyril Sorongon (Silverfilter) | Album Art courtesy of Troll Del Castillo aka Bleedingboy|Soundtrack (
DOWNLOAD: Download the entire album in a single zip file. ( | Individual tracks after the jump


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In April of 2004, Clone performed and recorded a live instrumental set at the opening of a restaurant in Manila named Brazil Brazil. The Clone nucleus of Lionel Valdellon (Acid42) and Karlo Samson (One Lone Clone) put together a semi-impromptu, improvised, not fully planned set of bossa nova beats, cool grooves, downtempo vibes, and chillout melodies.

Clone performed a little under three hours of live music, mostly built up from raw loops, track by track. The best hour and 15 minutes of that gig are preserved for posterity in this live set which is part acid jazz, part sampladelica, and all Clone.

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In October of 2005, Japanese vocalist Yu:Mi and Filipino producer Acid42 released a unique collaboration of Japanese children’s songs set to electropop music. The result was an EP called “Kodomo” (which means “Child” in Nihongo) and was release number qd-4230.

This music video is the 2 minute song “Zui Zui Zukorobashi”– a bouncy, silly kids’ song about a rat that gets into trouble by eating the rice supplies. We set the synthpop song to an interesting opensource animation entitled “Life (in a Box)” by animator Tim Cuthbertson, and did really minimal edits. We feel the fun, but sort of sad visuals match the light and slightly sinister music perfectly. Here then is our second music video. Enjoy!

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2010 marks another landmark in the QED Records story. We recently set out on a journey which we may never return from– the journey to create moving images from the QED Records catalog.

Presenting QED Records’ YouTube channel. The channel is open and ready for you with its first music video: “Midnight Monologue” by Acid42 from the LOGUE E.P. of 2007 [QD-4243]. You can download the EP from the Logue release page.

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