qd-4270 Charmant Juliette - Musique Pour L'ame

[qd-4270] Charmant Juliette  – Musique Pour L’ame

Musique Pour L’ame (Music for the Soul) is ten tracks and 45+ minutes of melodic and harmonious downtempo electronica. This is pleasant music that flows from track to track, often within the same BPM range, recalling golden days of the past while inspiring dark visions of the future.

What Russia-based musician and producer Charmant Juliette (Charming Juliette, in English) has done in this release is build musical structures far removed from the industrial glitch and dark noise of her alter-ego Julia Van Der Piller, instead opting for subtle moods, for fragile threads of melody built from repeating motifs. But her penchant for heavier music looms through each track, providing a contrast to the bright hues.

If you keep listening, you will find yourself cocooned in a massive web of synth grooves and looped rhythms. This is Charmant Juliette’s vision of electronic downtempo, ambient, and broken beat: it is nothing but a subtle snare for your heart that draws you in with tender melody and traps you in jaws of sinister ambience.

FILE UNDER: downtempo, ambient, electropop, synth groove, breakcore without the brutality.

Get the whole album as a zip file (90.1 MB) from | from Mediafire
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Demolee - Stars Falling (qd-4264)

(qd-4264) Demolee - Stars Falling

[qd-4264] Demolee – Stars Falling

Downtempo never sounded so smooth. What Manila-based producer Demolee does in his first full-length album, Stars Falling, is to  create pretty fairy tales of melody and unhurried beats. The resulting 10-track album is chock full of jazzy relaxation that transcends country borders. Think Cafe del Manila instead of Cafe del Mar. Think of lazy breezes, meandering road trips, and star gazing on hot summer nights and you get the point.  Demolee (aka Franco Madrid) once again proves that electronic music software doesn’t always have to churn out banging beats.

FILE UNDER: downtempo, ambient
DETAILS: 10 mp3s encoded at VBR (approx 320 kbps), 44.1 kHz stereo | Remix on track 10 produced by Cyril Sorongon (Silverfilter) | Album Art courtesy of Troll Del Castillo aka Bleedingboy|Soundtrack (
DOWNLOAD: Download the entire album in a single zip file. ( | Individual tracks after the jump


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qd-4262 Ambient Sky- Sky Full of Silent Stars -album cover

Artist: Ambient Sky | Album: Sky Full of Silent Stars (2009) Release ID: (qd-4262) | Genre: downtempo, ambient, chillout

Full of soothing melodies and lush beats, Sky Full of Silent Stars is a summer downtempo album that invigorates as it relaxes. Ambient Sky (Gerard Pontino) is able to distill all the best elements of his hometown of Bacolod into eleven tracks that celebrate laidback relaxation, smooth waves, and soothing textures. The result is an almost one-hour long tropical vacation in your headphones.



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In April of 2004, Clone performed and recorded a live instrumental set at the opening of a restaurant in Manila named Brazil Brazil. The Clone nucleus of Lionel Valdellon (Acid42) and Karlo Samson (One Lone Clone) put together a semi-impromptu, improvised, not fully planned set of bossa nova beats, cool grooves, downtempo vibes, and chillout melodies.

Clone performed a little under three hours of live music, mostly built up from raw loops, track by track. The best hour and 15 minutes of that gig are preserved for posterity in this live set which is part acid jazz, part sampladelica, and all Clone.

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ElectronicaManila Logo

ElectronicaManila:One is one in a series of releases by the Philippine collective of electronic musicians known as ElectronicaManila. The materials in this compilation have been contributed by the members of EM and showcase everything from house and techno, to DNB, breakbeat, downtempo, and broken beat. 25 tracks of blissful headphone candy and dancefloor tunes.

Originally released under AstigRecords, this compilation is being re-released under QED Records in preparation for future EM releases. Enjoy the electronic sounds of the Philippines!

Download album as a VBR ZIP file (189 MB) from
Individual tracks after the jump.


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(qd-4257) Switchboard Of Souls - Dont Bother Me

(qd-4257) Switchboard Of Souls - Don't Bother Me

When Switchboard Of Souls sings: “Don’t bother me, just leave us alone, don’t you know that we’re all just as human,” he sounds the anthem of the alienated and the disenfranchised. It’s a simple enough tune, but the variations do bring new viewpoints to the plate.

The first two original 8-minute-plus tracks utilize a driving darkwave synth with guitars and vocals reminiscent of early New Order, but subsequent versions range from electro 808 State-like arrangements (Common Prayer Mix), to industrial stylings (BlenderMix), to sinister downtempo (Hands & Feet Mix), to 90s pop remix (InstrumentalMix), to new age piano (Sonata), to a combo of everything on the 2 reprises.


DETAILS:   Total runtime: 47:10  |  10 MP3s encoded at 192 kbps, 44.1 kHz stereo.

DOWNLOAD:  Entire album as a single zip file with VBR MP3s. (File size:65 MB) – from

Individual tracks after the jump.

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(qd-4256) aLJar3d - Distant Summertide

(qd-4256) aLJar3d - Delayed Summertide

What happens when you mix together the liquid grooves of urban jungle and the immediate intensity of youth? Oddly enough, in this case, the end product is combination of mature futurejazz, and quirky drum ‘n’ bass experimentation care of aLJar3d. Despite the occasional discordance, there is energy and studiousness here that displays the artist’s dedication to his craft.

“Delayed Summertide” is six tracks of sophisticated, funky, smooth but always energetic drum ‘n’ bass from a newbie that already knows where he’s going.

DETAILS: 6 mp3s, encoded at approximately 128 kbps, 44.1 kHz stereo. | Total run time: 29:32

DOWNLOAD: entire album as a single zip file (27 MB) – from
Individual tracks after the jump.


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