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Presenting our first public mixtape for your listening pleasure, ELECTRO HOUSE SEP 2010 — a compilation of nine electro house mp3 tracks by: Silverfilter, Neon8, Emorej, Clone feat. Ria Mariano, e-Trinity feat. Sheerin Castillo, Spazzkid and Acid42. Here you can listen to dancefloor gems, download house music that’s sweet as candy, and enjoy four-on-the-floor tracks to appeal to any clubber’s taste.

If this is your first time to visit QED Records, you may be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of releases available. (We’ve been around for 6 years, after all.) We thought it might be nice to offer you an easy way to browse our material by genre, and in this case download house music.

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Various Artists - Travel Agents: Bagetsafonik Travelogue Detours

(qd-4253) Various Artists - Travel Agents: Bagetsafonik Travelogue Detours

In 2007, an independent Philippine band named Bagetsafonik put together an album called Travelogue which fused indiepop with electronica. One year later, they got fellow artists and producers to reinterpret those tracks. Travel Agents: Bagetsafonik Travelogue Detours is a 12-track album containing reinterpretations of each of the tracks on their debut album in various styles.

Artists/Producers: Caliph8, MoodJunkie, PaoChec, FluxusSyndrom, DJ Ponga, Names Are For Tombstones, Squid9, Spazzkid, Waking Up The Sunrise, Eggboy feat. Analog MC, Rlyn & Big Daddy J-Dibbs, N:ua, M.A.    Mastering: Allan Confiado

DETAILS: 12 MP3s encoded at 192 kbps, 44.1 kHz stereo.

DOWNLOAD: Download all files in a VBR zip (71 MB).

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(qd-4244) Cocolulu - 8-Bit Love

(qd-4244) Cocolulu - 8-Bit Love

[QD-4244] :Cocolulu : 8-Bit Love

Cocolulu (who is now known as Spazzkid) is geeky synthpop at its best. And 8-Bit Love combines a 20-something’s view on life in post-Eraserheads Manila, and is filled with bright lyrics and squeaky synths. Strangely enough, the music sounds like it was lifted from a whole lot of 80s synthpop groups, which either tells you that the synth is back, or, even the youth of today are caught in a timewarp. Included in the release is a remix by Acid42 for “Panda Extravaganza.”

FILE UNDER: synthpop, electropop, electro, electronica, new wave
DETAILS: Five MP3s at 192 kbps.One MP3 at 112 kbps. 44.1kHz stereo | Total Running Time: 26:58 | Released: June 16, 2007
DOWNLOAD: entire EP as a single ZIP FILE (31.9 MB) – from
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