[qd-4270] Charmant Juliette – Musique Pour L’ame

qd-4270 Charmant Juliette - Musique Pour L'ame

[qd-4270] Charmant Juliette  – Musique Pour L’ame

Musique Pour L’ame (Music for the Soul) is ten tracks and 45+ minutes of melodic and harmonious downtempo electronica. This is pleasant music that flows from track to track, often within the same BPM range, recalling golden days of the past while inspiring dark visions of the future.

What Russia-based musician and producer Charmant Juliette (Charming Juliette, in English) has done in this release is build musical structures far removed from the industrial glitch and dark noise of her alter-ego Julia Van Der Piller, instead opting for subtle moods, for fragile threads of melody built from repeating motifs. But her penchant for heavier music looms through each track, providing a contrast to the bright hues.

If you keep listening, you will find yourself cocooned in a massive web of synth grooves and looped rhythms. This is Charmant Juliette’s vision of electronic downtempo, ambient, and broken beat: it is nothing but a subtle snare for your heart that draws you in with tender melody and traps you in jaws of sinister ambience.

FILE UNDER: downtempo, ambient, electropop, synth groove, breakcore without the brutality.

Get the whole album as a zip file (90.1 MB) from Archive.org | from Mediafire
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ARTIST PROFILE PAGE: Charmant Juliette

VIDEO for TRACK 7: Petit déjeuner au lit (Breakfast in bed)


Audio Files VBR MP3 Ogg Vorbis
Un de ces beaux jours
[One of these days]

 10.8 MB 

3.9 MB 
La journée de travail dure si longtemps
[The working day lasts so long]

 7.1 MB 

2.3 MB 
Nuit mémorable
[Memorable Night]

 12.3 MB 

4.0 MB 
La métamorphose de l’amour
[The metamorphosis of love]

 8.6 MB 

2.9 MB 
S’il vous plaît répétez ce baiser
[Please repeat this kiss]

 8.0 MB 

2.6 MB 
Un de ces beaux jours (Microbit project electro remix)
[One of these days (Microbit project electro remix)]

 7.4 MB 

2.6 MB 
Petit déjeuner au lit
[Breakfast in bed]

 11.0 MB 

3.4 MB 
Promenade du soir avec une jeune fille inconnue
[Evening stroll with an unknown girl]

 8.6 MB 

3.0 MB 
Un de ces beaux jours (Julia van der Piller remake)
[One of these days (Julia van der Piller remake)]

 10.8 MB 

3.7 MB 
Un de ces beaux jours (EugeneKha IDM ShortMix)
[One of these days (EugeneKha IDM ShortMix)]

 4.6 MB 

1.7 MB 
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