[qd-4258] Nyko Maca + Playground: Dancing in My Head

[qd-4258] Nyko Maca + Playground: Dancing in My Head

Dancing in My Head is a 4-track sampler from Nyko Maca + Playground’s self-titled debut album under Infectious Records. Nyko Maca + Playground is a Manila-based band combining electronica, acid jazz, and house music with Brazilian rhythms, jazz vocals and acoustic instrumentation. The result is a stellar combination of old-school jazz crooning with modern dancefloor beats.

FILE UNDER: house, acidjazz, chillout, electronica, nujazz
DETAILS:4 mp3s encoded at 320 kbps 44.1 kHz stereo. | Total runtime: 19:28
DOWNLOAD:  Get the  EP as a zip file of VBR MP3s (45 MB) from Archive.org | Individual tracks after the jump


cover for qd-4258 Nyko Maca + Playground

qd-4258 Nyko Maca + Playground - Dancing in my Head

Audio Files VBR MP3 Ogg Vorbis
qd-4258_nykomaca+pg_03_What We Gonna Do 11 MB 4.03 MB
qd-4258_nykomaca+pg_04_Take It Home 13 MB 4.60 MB
qd-4258_nykomaca+pg_01_Turn_My_Head 8.62 MB 2.83 MB
qd-4258_nykomaca+pg_02_Angela 12 MB 4.15 MB
Image Files JPEG
qd-4258_nykomaca+pg 257 KB

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