[qd-4266] LastEDEN – Miracle


[qd-4266] LastEDEN – Miracle

Direct from Moscow, Russia comes this downtempo EP entitled Miracle. LastEDEN (aka Kirill Zverev) composes tranquil chillout music rife with melody. The music is made up of classical harmonies, lush synth washes and subtle beats and its end result is a direct transfusion of calm and relaxation into your cerebral cortex. The LastEDEN project is his solution to world peace: listen to music that soothes your soul.

FILE UNDER: downtempo, chillout, ambient. Sounds like: Cafe del Mar, Jose Padilla, anything with the word “Ibiza” in it, Demolee, Acid42.


  1. LastEDEN – Miracle (11.5 MB VBR MP3)
  2. LastEDEN – Sunrise (Longmix) (18.7 MB VBR MP3)
  3. LastEDEN – Distance (8.4 MB VBR MP3)

More about the artist: LastEDEN artist page on QED Records.

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