[qd-4262] Ambient Sky – Sky Full of Silent Stars

qd-4262 Ambient Sky- Sky Full of Silent Stars -album cover

Artist: Ambient Sky | Album: Sky Full of Silent Stars (2009) Release ID: (qd-4262) | Genre: downtempo, ambient, chillout

Full of soothing melodies and lush beats, Sky Full of Silent Stars is a summer downtempo album that invigorates as it relaxes. Ambient Sky (Gerard Pontino) is able to distill all the best elements of his hometown of Bacolod into eleven tracks that celebrate laidback relaxation, smooth waves, and soothing textures. The result is an almost one-hour long tropical vacation in your headphones.




  • Total Runtime: 59:07
  • Eleven mp3s encoded at 128 and 160 kbps, 44.1 kHz stereo.

Individual Files

Audio Files VBR MP3 Ogg Vorbis
Love on the 29th

 5.9 MB 

4.3 MB 
Darker Light

 5.2 MB 

4.0 MB 
4 years ago

 4.2 MB 

3.4 MB 
Manaples Waves

 5.2 MB 

2.9 MB 

 6.4 MB 

4.1 MB 
setting sun

 6.6 MB 

4.0 MB 

 6.9 MB 

3.9 MB 
Connect to disengage

 6.0 MB 

4.3 MB 
Across the ocean

 6.0 MB 

3.6 MB 
Stand and applause

 5.7 MB 

3.4 MB 
Lost and forgotten

 7.0 MB 

3.9 MB 
Image Files JPEG JPEG Thumb
Ambient Sky Album Cover 91.1 KB  1.9 KB 
Ambient Sky Back Album Cover 103.1 KB  3.6 KB 
Information Format Size
qd-4262AmbientSky-SkyFullOfSilentStars_files.xml Metadata [file]
qd-4262AmbientSky-SkyFullOfSilentStars_meta.xml Metadata 1.1 KB

Creative Commons License:VIDEO of the Album Track “Summer”

Gerard Pontino on Facebook
Ambient Sky page on Facebook
Ambient Sky on Myspace


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