[qd-4265] notinthemoodfordancing – Year II

Album Cover for NITMFD - Year II (qd-4265)

Album Cover for NITMFD - Year II (qd-4265)

[qd-4265] notinthemoodfordancing – Year II

notinthemoodfordancing takes synths and loops and mixes in bouncy hip hop beats to create electropop that squelches and fizzes and floats and sputters and echoes in your head. Year II is a 4-track EP comin in at 16 minutes in length, but bringing you to a cool, laidback mental atmosphere.

FILE UNDER: downtempo, electro, electropop, sounds like El Ten Eleven, Squareone, Spazzkid, kinda like the future sound of lotion.
DOWNLOAD:Download the ZIP file of the entire EP (53 MB) – on Archive.org | Individual tracks after the jump



  1.  Tarahumara (VBR MP3 12.6 MB) 
  2. Radio_Arcade (VBR MP3 12.3 MB)
  3. Fairwell_City (VBR MP3 13.6 MB)
  4. Wolves_and_Bears_Summit (VBR MP3 14.5 MB)

Download the ZIP file of the entire EP from Archive.org

notinthemoodfordancing artist page on QED.

1 comment
  1. Jeremiah said:

    Just listened to this latest QED album. Great, like laying back and being sped through a neon-color futuristic city, with just the music as all the red and yellow lights speed by! More power to QED!

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