[qd-4263] Single Eye Perspective – Dear My Friends

(qd-4263) Single Eye Perspective - Dear My Friends

(qd-4263) Single Eye Perspective - Dear My Friends

Amazing how chance leads to creativity. Single Eye Perspective hooked up his guitar to his laptop running VSTIs and started recording everything using his desktop computer. The long, flowing recordings were then edited into this 4-track EP which is at times charming, and at times folksy, but always emotive even microtonal. The melodies never leave you. The textures never rub off. And maybe that is the genius of Dear My Friends.

Download the entire EP as a single VBR ZIP file. (Archive.org)


Artist page on QED RECORDS.

4 MP3s encoded at 320kbps 44.1kHz stereo.
Total Run time: 13:25

Audio Files VBR MP3
01 letters_from_dying_tulips_and_daisies.mp3 5.0 MB
-02 sakura.mp3 10.6 MB
03 we_ants_hate_concrete_walls.mp3 7.0 MB
04 one_day_humans_will_miss_us.mp3 8.9 MB
Image Files JPEG
qd-4263_Single_Eye_Perspective–cover01.jpg 390.1 KB
qd-4263_Single_Eye_Perspective–cover02.jpg 489.8 KB

CC License

After the jump, get a detailed discussion on the creative process Single Eye Perspective used to achieve his ambient sound.

An interview with Single Eye Perspective
More info on the process used to create Dear My Friends.

QED: Tell us about the concept for Dear My Friends.

Single Eye Perspective: The sound is basically live audio processing and sampling. Every single sound that you hear in the EP came from my electric guitar. No softsynths or VST synths were used.

QED: Tell us your process in creating the music for this EP.

SEP: I used 3 softwares running simultanuesly inside my laptop: Ableton Live + REAKTOR + Audiomulch. My audio interface was then plugged into a hardware effect box. The overall result was recorded onto my desktop computer which was running Propellerhead RECORD.

For those looking for a way to make their own plugins, I suggest you BUY Reaktor… totally worth the money!

QED: Talk about the results you got using this process:

SEP: The songs you hear on Dear My Friends are actually just excerpts and small chunks of several long hours of live recording. I just took the best parts of those terribly long recordings and put them all together.

For those who might be thinking “What about the dance music you used to make?” Well, I will still be producing beat-oriented dance music, but this time under the name “Pupiliris” with the concept being ‘dance music produced via live MIDI programming.’

Single Eye Perspective’s QED Artist Page

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