Exclusive Release for QED’s Facebook Fans on Monday

Live performance photo in a venue

With QED Records celebrating its sixth year of existence (Has it really been 6 years already?), it’s high time to thank you all for downloading and enjoying QED’s music over the years. I also want to invite you to connect with QED on our brand new Facebook fan page.

This QED Records Facebook Page is our official page. The other QED Records group page which you might already be a member of, has been closed, is now hidden, and will be going away soon. Join the new one! Here’s one good reason why…

Exclusive Album Via QED’s Facebook Page

As part of the celebration, I will be releasing a unique set of tracks on Monday, August 16, 2010 at noon (Pacific Standard Time) only to those who are members of the QED Page. It will be a unique album which won’t be released anywhere else on the web, and it will only be available to fans of the new QED Records FB page!

What’s the release, you ask? Well, it’s a thank you to all the fans on FB and is made up of unique live material from a regular QED Records artist.
So, shall I see you on Facebook? I sure hope so!


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