2010 Brings a New Domain

photo of fireworks in night sky

Happy New Year World 2010. Photo by Lel4nd

First of all, Happy New Year!

Second, we’ve made a change in webhost over the Christmas break. The QED  Records netlabel can now be found at http://qed.valdellon.com.  Change your bookmarks, kiddies. It’s on a subdomain on my main website. Still not under its own domain name, but maybe someday that will change.

Third, we’ve got a cornucopia of releases slated in the next few months. Expect 2 major releases from the Electronica Manila collective. Plus a release from acid jazz /house act: Nyko Maca + Playground. Plus new releases from all the usual suspects.

Fourth, we’re not selfish and we’re not hogging the spotlight. We’re actually happy there are now more netlabels featuring music by Philippine musicians.  Take a look at Deeper Manila, KamiasRoad, Sibika’t Kultura Records. If you know of any more, send them our way. We love to listen.

Fifth, we hope to get back to regular uploads after numerous breaks in ’09. Here’s to a more consistent year!

1 comment
  1. aljar3d said:

    saw this thru sibika at kultura just today ♫

    and btw dirtydroid is no longer available 😦

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