[qd-4257] Switchboard Of Souls – Don’t Bother Me – Remixes

(qd-4257) Switchboard Of Souls - Dont Bother Me

(qd-4257) Switchboard Of Souls - Don't Bother Me

When Switchboard Of Souls sings: “Don’t bother me, just leave us alone, don’t you know that we’re all just as human,” he sounds the anthem of the alienated and the disenfranchised. It’s a simple enough tune, but the variations do bring new viewpoints to the plate.

The first two original 8-minute-plus tracks utilize a driving darkwave synth with guitars and vocals reminiscent of early New Order, but subsequent versions range from electro 808 State-like arrangements (Common Prayer Mix), to industrial stylings (BlenderMix), to sinister downtempo (Hands & Feet Mix), to 90s pop remix (InstrumentalMix), to new age piano (Sonata), to a combo of everything on the 2 reprises.


DETAILS:   Total runtime: 47:10  |  10 MP3s encoded at 192 kbps, 44.1 kHz stereo.

DOWNLOAD:  Entire album as a single zip file with VBR MP3s. (File size:65 MB) – from Archive.org

Individual tracks after the jump.

Audio Files VBR MP3
qd-4257_Switchboard Of Souls – 01 – Dont Bother Me (demo) 11 MB
qd-4257_Switchboard Of Souls – 02 – Dont Bother Me (Original version) 11 MB
qd-4257_Switchboard Of Souls – 03 – Dont Bother Me (Common Prayer Mix) 8.05 MB
qd-4257_Switchboard Of Souls – 04 – Dont Bother Me (dubMix) 5.81 MB
qd-4257_Switchboard Of Souls – 05 – Dont Bother Me (BlenderMix) 2.01 MB
qd-4257_Switchboard Of Souls – 06 – Dont Bother Me (Hands & Feet Mix) 8.95 MB
qd-4257_Switchboard Of Souls – 07 – Dont Bother Me (InstrumentalMix) 6.83 MB
qd-4257_Switchboard Of Souls – 08 – Dont Bother Me (Sonata) 3.29 MB
qd-4257_Switchboard Of Souls – 09 – Dont Bother Me (reprise 01) 4.56 MB
qd-4257_Switchboard Of Souls – 10 – Dont Bother Me (reprise 02) 2.78 MB
Image Files JPEG
qd-4257_Switchboard Of Souls – Dont Bother Me – COVER 564 KB

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