[qd-4254] arthaus* – Going Places

arthaus* -Going Places (qd-4254) cover

arthaus* -Going Places (qd-4254) cover

Artist: arthaus* | Release: Going Places | (qd-4254)

Sometimes all that’s needed to get to places you’ve never seen is a sountrack consisting of abstract melodic ambient music by the likes of an artist such as arthaus* (aka Tomi Uysingco). Going Places is a 3-song EP of somber ambient that uses patterns to draw you into robotic lands of mystery and angst.

File under: ambient, abstract, motifs, downtempo

DETAILS: 3 MP3s encoded at 128kbps 44.1 kHz stereo. | Total Running Time: 10:49

DOWNLOAD: Download the EP in one zip file  VBR ZIP (10 MB) – from Archive.org.



Audio Files VBR MP3 Ogg Vorbis 64Kbps MP3
qd-4254_arthaus-02_ makati_burns_ver_02 3.9 MB 2.7 MB 2.0 MB
qd-4254_arthaus-01_Coming_to_Brighton 3.3 MB 2.1 MB 1.6 MB
qd-4254_arthaus-03_i_read_watership_down_while_crossing_the_ocean 3.2 MB 2.5 MB 1.6 MB
Cover Image Files JPEG
qd-4254_arthaus–going_places 63 KB
qd-4254_arthaus–going_places_back 76 KB

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