QED Records interviews: Silverfilter

Email interview with Silverfilter . September 4, 2008.

Cyril Sorongon creates music for a living. When he isn’t finishing a musical score for an advertising jingle, he’s rushing off to play at a live gig somewhere in the city as Silverfilter, or as member of one of many bands. When he’s free, he’s online, moderating the Electronica Manila (EM) mailing list which sprouted sometime around 2001 in answer to a direct need for fellow electronic music lovers in the Philippines (and around the world) to figure out how to turn a love for this music into an active creation of this music.

Full interview after the jump.

Silverfilter aka Cyril Sorongon.

Silverfilter in action at a live gig. Photo by Edgar.

Your last release on QED was a track for the EM general midi project and your EP, The Lab , what have you been up to since then?

I’m currently bringing back my live set and finishing an ambient, chillout electronic album which will be released sometime November or December 2008.  Other than that, I have like 2-3 full albums just waiting to be mixed down and released. I’m pretty busy with work as well that’s why it’s taking time… it sucks. Oh yeah, and I’m also finishing the follow-up to Interpreter, my first remix album. Interpreter vol. 2 will contain my remixes of indie Philippine rock /pop artists like Kala, Narda, and Reklamo.

The Lab was an experimental album, not your usual sound. What directions have your music taken since then?

The Lab is an important release because you’ll hear me not in playing my usual style (of house and techno) and trying to go into new directions I’m still doing my usual dance tracks but I’m in the process of cooking up a full vocal-based electro-pop-new-wavish album. 😀

What music are you listening to these days?

These days i’m listening to a lot of minimal tech/house material… and blues!

What’s the single most memorable live gig you ever had ?

First thing that comes to mind is a gig I did in Iloilo. I was afraid to play harder stuff there like my usual techno sets so I brought out my typical, funky, “swing your hips” type of house music, but it didn’t do much on the dancefloor. I was floored when I shifted my set to my techno live set (which I really enjoy) and found that everybody wanted that. I played for I think 2 hours and it was great. It’s nice when people dig your stuff and your set.

What new gear are you having fun using in the studio or live?

Nice question!  I’m having fun with my recently acquired Novation remote SL 25 key and Ableton Live 7. I bought both so I can do an all software live set. Since I’m always using hardware, I figured it’s about time I tried something different and stretched myself while doing it. Something that can work in a live setting. I’m having fun with it — preparing and setting up all the controls and stuff. I’m making everything controllable so that I don’t have to use the mouse at any point in the set and simply leave the laptop on, just for processing the set.

Finally, excluding your own EP, what’s your favorite QED release so far and why?

I definitely enjoyed the one by Bleedingboy |Soundtrack . Very nice tunes there.3

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  1. blend:er said:

    Nice! Interviews are great addition to QED’s site! I always love to read interviews. Great to hear that silverfilter is bringing back his live set, and I enjoyed listening to Bleedingboy’s tracks too!

    blend:er’s last blog post..ALL FOR TARA a fund raising event brought to you by E.X.I.S.T

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