Welcome to the QED Records Redesign

QED Records logo.

QED Records loves you. Because you’re downloading from us.

Well, after a long long hiatus, and a complete rethink about where we want this netlabel to go, we’ve decided that the only way to maintain the site without headaches and design problems is to migrate the data to a Content Management System. In this case, we moved the data manually from large collections of HTML pages and onto the WordPress platform which will make updating and posting much easier for us. It also allows comments, and tags, and search, and a zillion more neat things that we wanted the site to do years ago. Well, here it is finally.

Also, note that I’m using plural pronouns like “we,” and “our.” This is because I’ve asked assistance from others in the Electronica Manila community to help maintain QED Records.  As of September 2008, we now have Mark Redito (Spazzkid/Cocolulu) as community evangelizer for streaming media and social networks, and PJ Ramos (Ixiz) as community evangelizer for email and webfora.  QED Records is a community effort now. And if you want to volunteer to help us, you are more than welcome to email us at qedrecords[at]gmail.com to raise your hand.

We’d love to hear your comments.Tell us if we’re on the right track.


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  1. respect..your music is very interesting and good =)

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