[qd-4248] Evo Evolver : Neon City

(qd-4248) Evo Evolver - Neon City

(qd-4248) Evo Evolver - Neon City

[QD-4248]: Evo Evolver : Neon City

Neon City is a 6-track drum-n-bass full-length album that never veers far from its core goal of providing a smooth series of jazz-influenced accompaniments to urban exploration. A little bit sparkling Tokyo, a smidge of vast California, and a whole lot of grimy Manila, the release becomes a unified whole, because it is cut from a single template of light, but driven, grooves. Evo Evolver’s signature sinister mood is abandoned for a different flavor of DNB.

FILE UNDER: drum&bass, jungle, downtempo
DETAILS: Six MP3s at 192 kbps.44.1kHz stereo. | Total Running Time: 27:10. | Released: April 3, 2008.

DOWNLOAD: Entire EP as a single ZIP FILE (37.8 MB)– from Archive.org
Individual tracks after the jump.



01. Neon City 4:24

6.4 MB

02. Eastern Sun 5:00 7.3 MB
03. Recoil 4:34 6.7 MB
04. Frenzy 4:19 6.3 MB
05. Something Liquid 4:00 5.8 MB
06. Nature Of Reality 4:53 7.1 MB
album cover 415 kb
40 MB –Variable Bit Rate
  1. Mick said:

    I always enjoy Evo Evolvers hard and dark vibe. It’s just wickedly spicy!

  2. intrante said:

    any time sound tripping

  3. Thanks Mick… Im a big fan of Spintech!!!

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