[qd-4239] Wolfmann : Live At Paradiso

(qd-4239) Wolfmann -Live at Paradiso

(qd-4239) Wolfmann -Live at Paradiso

QD-4239] : Wolfmann : Live At Paradiso

Unearthed from hidden files comes this track, a seamless 42-minute live set by Wolfmann [Wilfrid Hernandez] as a solo electronica artist, recorded at a March 19, 2003 gig in Paradiso Bar, Quezon City, Philippines. Hard-hitting breaks by a producer wielding analog Korg Electribes and an SP-202 sampler, with enough verve to out-chemical the Chemical Brothers and smash some pumpkins.

FILE UNDER: techno, electronica, big beats, funky breaks
DETAILS: One MP3, encoded at: 128 kbps. 44.1kHz stereo | Total Running Time: 42:37 | Released: March 3, 2007
DOWNLOAD: The MP3 (direct link) from Archive.org – 40.9 MB


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