[qd-4227] Moon Fear Moon : i anarchist

(qd-4227) Moon Fear Moon - i anarchist

(qd-4227) Moon Fear Moon - i anarchist

[QD-4227] : MOON FEAR MOON : i anarchist (EP)

Endless horizons and barren wastelands. Ambient washes and pulsing glitch rhythms. Pretty chords with sad melodies, quiet polaroids with red-eye distortion. Lullabies and alien distress signals. I ANARCHIST is Moon Fear Moon‘s second EP on QED Records, and yet another intricately constructed musical object, meant to be hungrily consumed and proudly displayed at the same time.

MOON FEAR MOON is John Sobrepena on laptop, brandishing Propellerheads Reason 3.0 to fend off the coming darkness.

FILE UNDER: IDM, ambient downtempo, glitch, Intelligent Drone Music, less bored than the Boards of Canada
DETAILS: 5 MP3s at 128 kbps, 44.1khz stereo.
DOWNLOAD: Get the EP as a ZIP FILE (21.5 MB)– via Mediafire | Individual tracks after the jump

01. slunk3AM 4:31

4,243 kb

02. i infant 3:45 3,529 kb
03. i lunos 5:41 5,339 kb
04. hue generator 5:02 4,733 kb
05. critical turbine 4:55 4,615 kb

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