[qd-4226] Clone : Live At Crateri

(qd-4226) Clone - Live at Crateri

(qd-4226) Clone - Live at Crateri

[QD-4226] : CLONE : Live At Crateri (album)

Recorded at the now-defunct Crateri Caffe Lounge in Quezon City in May of 2004, LIVE AT CRATERI is a 45-minute live set of CLONE’s unique brand of jazzy originals and demented instrumentals, going from soulful vocal house songs care of vocalist Ria Mariano, to abstract electro jams to latin house fever with percussionist Andre Quimpo. Be prepared to encounter beats to dance to, and grooves to chill with.

Lionel Valdellon: laptop running Reason, Oxygen8.
Karlo Samson:Korg Electribes, Yamaha QY30, Boss SP202.
Andre Quimpo: congas, clave, triangle, tamborine.
Ria Mariano: vocals.

FILE UNDER: chill house, nu-jazz, dance, downtempo, lighter than the Brand New Heavies, more tropical than Miguel Migs
DETAILS: 11 seamless MP3s. 192 kbps. 44.1khz stereo.
DOWNLOAD: Get entire album as zip file (63.2 MB) – via Archive.org | Individual tracks after the jump


01. Intro 0:07

185 kb

02. Dextrorotatory 2:54 4,080 kb
03. Electro Jam 1:44 2,440 kb
04. Infirma Ferreira Latino 5:52 8,252 kb
05. Harmonic Fire (feat. Ria Mariano) 7:28 10,503 kb
06. House Of Love 2004 (feat. Ria Mariano) 7:28 10,503 kb
07. Cry (feat. Ria Mariano) 5:27 7,689 kb
08. Isla Naburot 5:03 7,127 kb
09. Aramaic 2:28 3,471 kb
10. Space Monkeys Can Reach For The Stars 4:32 6,377 kb
11. Lunatic Fringe 2:31 3,553 kb
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