[qd-4220] Switchboard Of Souls : eko-lo-kashen

(qd-4220) Switchboard of Souls - eko-lo-kashen

(qd-4220) Switchboard of Souls - eko-lo-kashen

[QD-4220] : SWITCHBOARD OF SOULS : eko-lo-kashen (album)

Switchboard Of Souls is the brainchild of Christopher Quintos, a Fresno CA- based electronic musician who stirs darkwave and industrial music into a frothy mix of 80s new wave and gothic synthesizertunes. The 6-song, 42 minute album “eko-lo-kashen” is a moody, gothic collection of undulating darkness and pop brilliance, modern machine noise and antiseptic vocals, past and present. All that is old is new again, this time with more feeling.

FILE UNDER: darkwave, new wave, 80s, synthpop, created in a completely Depeche Mode, more clannish than Clan Of Xymox, more joyful than Joy Division
DETAILS: 6 MP3s encoded at 192 kbps, 44.1khz stereo |Released: Feb 10, 2005
DOWNLOAD: Get the album as ZIP FILE (46.2 MB)– via Archive.org| Individual tracks after the jump

Audio Files 192Kbps MP3 Ogg Vorbis 64Kbps MP3 VBR MP3
01- Cruel Fate 6.8 MB  3.6 MB  2.3 MB  5.8 MB 
02- Don’t Bother Me (Original version) 11.2 MB  6.2 MB  3.7 MB  8.0 MB 
06- Still ill Lifeless 10.3 MB  5.4 MB  3.4 MB  7.5 MB 
03- No One Knows (ExtendedMix) 16.4 MB  9.3 MB  5.5 MB  13.0 MB 
04- Still ill Lifeless (RadioEdit) 6.5 MB  3.6 MB  2.2 MB  5.7 MB 
05- With You (BlissMix) 7.8 MB  4.2 MB  2.6 MB  6.2 MB 
Image Files JPEG
Album Cover Back 157.7 KB 
Album Cover Front 112.7 KB 
Album Cover Thumbnail 4.6 KB 

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