[qd-4218] David Chen : Down WIth The New

(qd-4218) David Chen -  Down With the New

(qd-4218) David Chen - Down With the New

[QD-4218] : DAVID CHEN: Down WIth The New (EP)

Down With The New is David Chen’s second album and first collection of electronic-flavored music tracks. He combines elements of jazz, house, J-pop, Latin, and jam band, fusing them into a wicked combination of insane solos, and frenzied beats that no General MIDI sequencist would dare dream up. This is electronica/jazz fusion for the schizophrenic, at times lush and at times jagged.

FILE UNDER: nu-jazz, electronica, acid jazz, extreme General MIDI whiz-bangery, not your daddy’s jazz fusion
DETAILS: 5 MP3s, encoded at: 128 kbps. 44.1kHz stereo | Released: January 15, 2005
DOWNLOAD: Get the album as a ZIP FILE (32.2 MB) – Archive.org | Individual tracks after the jump

01: When The Music Stops, So Does The Love 7:23

6,929 kb

02: Tonight 5:35 5,238 kb
03: Neon 6:44 6,331kb
04: Clear Blue 7:24 6,947 kb
05 You Can’t Go Wrong 6:42 6,283 kb
ALBUM COVER BACK (JPEG) – – – 629 kb
Download all files in one zip

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