[qd-4217] Porta : Porta

(qd-4217) Porta - Porta

(qd-4217) Porta - Porta

[QD-4217] : PORTA : Porta (EP)

PORTA is Raymund “Rann” Golamco (formerly of DRIP) on guitars and vocals, and Emorej on everything else. Porta started off as a side project of songwriter Rann. He wrote the songs on a 4-track cassette recorder and distributed it to his musician friends to mangle and remix as they saw fit. This then is but one offering of the results, with sample manipulator Emorej taking rhythmic helm of these songs and turning them into an alluring mixture of funky, Bono Vox-like vocals, Jon Spencer Blues explosive guitars and rockin’ drumloops.

FILE UNDER: rock, breakbeats, indie alternative, chemical beats, vocals
DETAILS: 4 MP3s, encoded at: 192 kbps. 44.1kHz stereo | Released: January 15, 2005.
DOWNLOAD: Get the EP as a ZIP FILE (21.7 MB) – Archive.org | Individual tracks after the jump


01: (i’m a ) loser 5:04

5,344 kb

02: time your conditioning 6:07 4,958 kb
03: powder neck 5:38 5,920 kb
04: push 5:28 5,612 kb
ALBUM COVER BACK (JPEG) – – – 148 kb
Download all files in one zip 45.5 MB

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