[qd-4216] Moon Fear Moon : Farsight

(qd-4216) Moon Fear Moon - Farsight

(qd-4216) Moon Fear Moon - Farsight

[QD-4216] : MOON FEAR MOON : Farsight (EP)

Farsight is a collection of 6 abstract, plastic, IDM tunes which despite its machinelike origin and process of creation, exudes a soothing warmth which points to a human originator. Expect to be lulled by the hypnotic programmed percussion and the bleeping soundwaves. This is scientific IDM that aint schizophrenic, composed and created by one man, using a laptop running REASON software, and a mouse to draw the notes in. Moon Fear Moon is John Sobrepeña.

FILE UNDER: IDM, glitch, more introspective than Plone, warmer than Squarepusher
DETAILS: 6 MP3s, encoded at: 128 kbps. 44.1kHz stereo.| Released: January 15, 2005.
DOWNLOAD: Get the EP as a ZIP FILE (30.2 MB) – Archive.org | Individual tracks after the jump


01: taucus grenade (my final glimpse) 5:04

4,760 kb

02: magnetic reversal 6:07 5,748 kb
03: drone symphony 5:38 5,298 kb
04: binux iphenon 5:28 5,128 kb
05 while mars was watching 3:33 3,342 kb
06 click drone 6:22 5,978 kb
ALBUM COVER (JPEG) – – – 643 kb
Download all files in one zip 63.3 MB

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