[qd-4210] First Degree: Happy Reality

(qd-4210) First Degree- Happy Reality

(qd-4210) First Degree- Happy Reality

[QD-4210] : FIRST DEGREE : Happy Reality (EP)

First Degree have been around since 1997, performing their brand of industrial machine rock wielding guitars, keyboards, and fiery rap-rock vocals long before it became in vogue.This 2-song EP is a collection of new abrasive, industrial-grade songs which breaks the several-year-long hiatus that First Degree have enjoyed till recently. It’s back to their happy reality of music influenced by Ministry, KMFDM, Nine Inch Nails, and peppered with hip hop beats and guttural screams.

FILE UNDER: Industrial, rock, guitar, digital hardcore, digital punk, sounds like Ministry, KMFDFM, Nine Inch Nails
DETAILS: 2 MP3s, encoded at: 160 and 192 kbps. 44.1kHz stereo | Released: Oct 30, 2004.
DOWNLOADGet EP as a ZIP FILE (7.1 MB) -Archive.org | Individual tracks after the jump


Filesize Length Filename
4,988 kb 3:32 01. Reality
4,424 kb 3:46 02. Happy Song
__590 kb __ COVER JPEG

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