[qd-4207] Scorphius: Progression Is The Motion

(qd-4207) Scorphius - Progression is the Motion

(qd-4207) Scorphius - Progression is the Motion

[QD-4207] : SCORPHIUS : Progression Is The Motion (EP)

On the 5-track EP Progression Is The Motion, expect the sound of gongs, buzzing, soft female voices, creepy metallic synths, coughing, speaking men, and hypnotic percussive rhythms. These are future tribal sounds meant for some cyborg coming-of-age ritual. This is menacing music with a nod towards ethnic Philippine ethnic rhythms, crafted by a hermetic Philippine producer who only converses via email.

On his bio, he writes: Scorphius currently works as a professional freelance mascot by day and “magbabalot” by night. He also plays banduria for NCB (Non-Conformist Bastards), a brutal chacha metal band.

FILE UNDER: IDM, glitch, drum n bass, ambient, cranial music, brain funk, ethnic digitalia.
DETAILS: 192 kbps. 44.1kHz stereo | Released: August 27, 2004.
DOWNLOAD: Get the EP as a ZIP FILE  | Individual tracks after the jump


01: Way Of The Scorpio 3:29

3,276 kb

02: Yin Yang 4:14 3,972 kb
03: Progression Is The Motion 4:27 4,176 kb
04: Surreal So Real 4:44 4,448 kb
05: Embrace The Disorder 2:06 1,974 kb

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