[qd-4206] Mic Freak: First-Timer

(qd-4206) Mic Freak - First-Timer

(qd-4206) Mic Freak - First-Timer

[QD-4206] : MIC FREAK : First-Timer (EP)

Presenting the industrial-strength electronic instrumentals of Philippine beatmaster MIC FREAK in a 5-track EP filled with heavy distortion-laden guitar grooves and fatbellied crunchy loops. Head-bobbing funkiness for rock aficionados and dance lovers alike.

By day, Mic Freak is a music teacher at an educational institution in Arizona. By night, he designs music that cuts frogs into pieces and makes the innards dance with joy.

FILE UNDER: industrial, breakbeats, electronica, crunchtronica, fuzz, Nine Inch whales.
DETAILS: 5 MP3s encoded at 128 kbps stereo.| Released: August 15, 2004.
DOWNLOAD:Get the EP as a ZIP FILE(20 MB) -Archive.org | Individual tracks after the jump


01: D Riff 4:50

4.535 kb

02: Rock Solid 3:39 3,425 kb
03: Trip 2 My Groove 4:30 4,223 kb
04: A Sign of Things to Come 5:08 4,823 kb
05: Acoustically Speaking 3:33 3,335 kb

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