[qd-4203] Acid42: Holy Weak

(qd-4203) Acid42 - Holy Weak

(qd-4203) Acid42 - Holy Weak

[QD-4203] : ACID42 : Holy Weak (EP)

A 5-track EP mixing acid jazz, IDM, house, and breakbeats into a stew of music that is headphone candy. The music on this EP took one year to finish, was finished on Holy Week of 2004 and became Acid42’s spiritual catharsis of sorts. It’s a combination of muzak and lush textured funkiness. Plus a smashing breakbeat remix of “Beast Of Babylon” by Silverfilter.

From the EP’s liner notes: “And I’ve finally been able to work past the initial emotional defensiveness to finish these sketches and release them to you. Not exactly in the hopes that you believe in what I believe, but in the hopes that you find your own creative endeavor which exorcises your personal pain.”

FILE UNDER:acid jazz, breakbeat, downtempo, electro, nu-jazz
DETAILS: 5 MP3s encoded at 128 kbps, 44.1khz, stereo.
DOWNLOAD: Get the entire album via Bandcamp (for the price of your email) | Or: Individual tracks after the jump

Audio Files 128Kbps MP3
01- Kataka-taka

 3.8 MB 

02- Fundamentalist Thinker

 3.1 MB 

03- Beast Of Babylon

 5.1 MB 

04- Intercession Of A Saint

 3.8 MB 

05- Beast Of Babylon (darkdancer mix by Silverfilter)

 5.5 MB 

Image Files JPEG
COVER large 933.3 KB 
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